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Energy technology list updates PDF Print E-mail
Government Publications - Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA's)

Energy technology list updates

Since being published in 2001, the Energy Technology List (ETL) has been updated every year as part of the Government's Budget cycle.

The update can include the introduction of new technologies to the list, providing they meet the necessary criteria and that it is financially viable to add them. The Government might also amend criteria for technologies already on the list.

Any proposals for new technologies to be added must also fit with the Budget timetable, so they must reach the Carbon Trust during the previous summer for review. Manufacturers who want to propose a new technology category for inclusion on the list should speak to the Carbon Trust at the earliest opportunity about their proposal.

The changes to the ETCL for 2007 are:

  • Motors and Drives
    • VSDs
    • Integrated Motor Drives
  • Refrigeration Equipment
    • Commercial Service Cabinets
    • Refrigerated Display Cabinets
  • Solar Thermal Systems

The ETL category for Multiple Speed Motors was removed on 16th August 2007 following successful intervention by the ECA Scheme. The ETL category of Condition Monitoring Control was replaced with Energy Saving Controls for Dessicant Dryers.

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